There is a guarantee in effect for two years from the purchase date. It covers the manufacturing faults of the watch (mechanism, case and glass). The other parts are not covered by the guarantee. If you want to make a guarantee claim, please use the contact form on our Contact Us  page. Please include your name, address and order number and give a detailed description of the problem or fault. Use “Guarantee claim” as the subject of your message. The postage fee caused by returning any item(s) is paid by Jack Zaarn. If Jack Zaarn is not able to find the given faults, the item is sent pack to the customer. Please note that in the following cases repairing or exchanging a watch is chargeable even during the guarantee period: 

  • Faults caused by inappropriate usage or negligence (dents, scratches, pressure, breakage of the glass) 
  • Faults caused by inappropriate repairs and amendments
  • Faults caused by fire, water or a natural disaster such as earthquake
  • Changes in appearance caused by wear and tear (small scratches on a case or glass, colour changes of a strap and fading of a coating) 
  • The date of purchase from the reseller does not show on the guarantee certificate or it has been written again
  • There is no guarantee certificate provided with the watch

Changing batteries is chargeable also during the guarantee period. In case of original spare parts not being available, case, dial, hands, glass, strap and other watch parts can be exchanged to alternative parts. The customer has a right, based on this guarantee, to exchange their watch for free of charge during the guarantee period and the guarantee terms do not restrict them from their rights of consumers protection laws.