These terms and conditions apply to using and purchasing from the following website: www.jack-zaarn.com and create a contract between the user and Jack Zaarn Oy (Oy (Finnish Business code 3016975-5, Hannankaupantie 27, 91410 Muhos, Suomi, jäljempänä Jack Zaarn). By purchasing from this website and visiting it the user commits to follow these terms and conditions. The user is obliged to read and understand these conditions before using our website. 


Once the purchased items have been received, we will send an electronic invoice to the email address given by the user. Therefore, it is important that the user gives us an email address which is functional when purchasing. It is advisable to keep the confirmation text message of the purchase, as it has information which will make further communication with our customer service possible. The confirmation of the purchase (receipt) can be used as a proof of a purchase. 


As payment methods, we accept debit and credit cards as well as paying by invoice (Collector bank invoice and instalment payments as well as online bank transfer available in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark). Paytrail and Stripe operates as a mediator parties dealing with the card payments. Jack Zaarn Oy does not handle any credit card details. 


You can pay by using VISA, AMEX or MasterCard cards securely online. The payments are dealt by Paytrail and Stripe, who use strict policies of encrypting all payment details as instructed by bank policies. The user’s card details are sent directly to the bank and the details cannot be read or they cannot be accessed by anyone else than the bank. Jack Zaarn does not charge a fee for a card payment. However, your bank might charge a fee for the service depending on your card and bank. When paid by debit or credit card, the payment becomes valid immediately after the payment has been accepted. If the payment is not received after the order has been placed, Jack Zaarn has a right to cancel the order. 


If payment by invoice is chosen, an interest free payment period is 45 days. In this case the user’s delivery address needs to match their billing address. A credit check will be conducted without a user being notified about this separately. 


All the prices at the Jack Zaarn website www.jack-zaarn.com include VAT (value-added tax) according to applied laws. In case of an item being sent to an address outside of EU, the VAT will be deducted at the till or prior to this depending on which country the item will be sent to. Please note that you might be obliged to pay customs duty and tax fees for those items sent outside of EU. These payments are collected when items arrive. It is the responsibility of the person purchasing the items to pay for these fees. Jack Zaarn is not able to influence these fees because they vary depending on a country. Jack Zaarn is not able to predict the amount of these fees. Jack Zaarn recommends contacting the local customs for more information.


Any unauthorised orders made with another person’s details will be reported to the authorities. Jack Zaarn has a right to change prices and correct any inaccurate prices regarding any orders and at the final transaction stage. If the price is inaccurate, Jack Zaarn has a right to cancel the transaction and refund the money by the most appropriate way. The transaction can be cancelled at any point. 


Consumers have 40 days right to return any purchased items. This 40-day period is counted from the day the item is received. The right to return is in effect only if the item and its package are in the same condition than when received. If the consumer wishes to use their right to return the item(s), they need to contact Jack Zaarn in order to receive a return address. The postage fee caused by returning any item(s) is paid by Jack Zaarn. If the consumer lives in a country, which does not deliver return items, the customer might be obliged to pay the postage fees. If the item(s) gets damaged during the delivery, the customer needs to contact Jack Zaarn within 30 days in order to receive compensation details. 


There is a guarantee in effect for two years from the purchase date. It covers the manufacturing faults of the watch (mechanism, case and glass). The other parts are not covered by the guarantee. If you want to make a guarantee claim, please use the contact form on our Contact Us page. Please include your name, address and order number and give a detailed description of the problem or fault. Use “Guarantee claim” as the subject of your message. The postage fee caused by returning any item(s) is paid by Jack Zaarn. If Jack Zaarn is not able to find the given faults, the item is sent pack to the customer. Please note that in the following cases repairing or exchanging a watch is chargeable even during the guarantee period: 

  • Faults caused by inappropriate usage or negligence (dents, scratches, pressure, breakage of the glass) 
  • Faults caused by inappropriate repairs and amendments
  • Faults caused by fire, water or a natural disaster such as earthquake
  • Changes in appearance caused by wear and tear (small scratches on a case or glass, colour changes of a strap and fading of a coating) 
  • The date of purchase from the reseller does not show on the guarantee certificate or it has been written again
  • There is no guarantee certificate provided with the watch

Changing batteries is chargeable also during the guarantee period. In case of original spare parts not being available, case, dial, hands, glass, strap and other watch parts can be exchanged to alternative parts. The customer has a right, based on this guarantee, to exchange their watch for free of charge during the guarantee period and the guarantee terms do not restrict them from their rights of consumers protection laws. 


Jack Zaarn collects details of its website users to carry on transactions. Jack Zaarn handles all personal details securely. The user has a right to ask any collected details about them to be shown, corrected, or deleted. Jack Zaarn might use cookies to improve the website service experience. 


Jack Zaarn has a right to change prices, add extra fees and change product range and any information related to it without a separate notification. The aim of any pictures and captions on our website is to provide as detailed description of the product as possible. We aim to confirm that all pictures are accurate but there is a possibility of inaccuracies to occur. We cannot guarantee that all product pictures are perfectly equal to the product. We ask you to consider the pictures as examples. The product pictures might vary, regardless of colour settings, on different computers. 


Jazk Zaarn delivers watches all over the world. Deliveries are done in co-operation with post offices and their partner businesses. A customer has a right to cancel their order and return the ordered item within 40 days from receiving the item(s) by contacting Jack Zaarn customer service or by using the contact form on Jack Zaarn website ( in condition that the item is in its original packaging and in the same condition than when received) However, the risk caused by returning the item is the customer’s responsibility. In case of delivery being delayed and a customer not wanting to receive the ordered item any longer, they are obliged to cancel the order. If the order has been already dispatched, the customer is obliged to receive it. 

Order cancellation is in effect only when Jack Zaarn has confirmed it by an email or telephone. If ordered item has been removed from the product range, Jack Zaarn has a right to cancel the transaction and refund the money. Jack Zaarn informs the customer about available compensatory or equivalent items.


Customer is obliged to check the item carefully when it is received and make sure that it has not been damaged and is according to what was ordered. The delivery company needs to be notified about any damage caused by delivery ASAP regardless of whether the damage is visible or hidden. If a customer notices fault in the ordered item or if it is not equal to what has been ordered they need to contact Jack Zaarn within 30 days of receiving the item. Reclamations are to be pointed to our customer service via contact form on our Contact us  page. When making reclamation, the order number and the reason for reclamation needs to be explained. Our customer service will contact the customer who has made the reclamation ASAP. The same goes with any returns. When returning Jack Zaarn a faulty item, it needs to be handled as if it was not faulty. All returned items need to be, without fail, packed in a way that they cannot be damaged during delivery. Jack Zaarn has a right to replace the faulty item with a same model replacement product. In case of item not being in the product range any longer, the customer will be refunded. In case of not any fault being found in the item, Jack Zaarn will send it back to the customer.


The fault responsibility for Jack Zaarn deliveries is restricted to purchase term and conditions in effect at that point. Jack Zaarn does not take responsibility for direct or indirect damages which are related to e.g. following: incompatibility, deliveries being delayed, breaks in system operation, disappearance of information, extra work, and other financial damages. 


Jack Zaarn is free of responsibility and compensation or any other sanction when the contract is not implemented, is being more difficult to implement or is delayed being implemented for any reason outside of Jack Zaarn’s influence. These reasons could be e.g. regulations by authorities, changes in law, lack of state body, war, fire, flood, industrial action, prohibition regulations,  restrictions, sabotage, poor transport or weather conditions, delivery companies’ delivery difficulties or the company’s operation being affected by criminal action. 


All brands and material applying to copyright at this website belong to Jack Zaarn or its affiliated company or license holders.  Using the website or its contents, including copying the whole content or parts of it or saving it for other than personal reasons and in reasons that are not related to purchase, without being authorised by Jack Zaarn is prohibited.


www.jack-zaarn.com can contain contents produced by a website user, for example those contents originated from social media applications. This kind of content (picture material, videos and equivalent) does not belong to Jack Zaarn, and Jack Zaarn is not responsible for it at all. If a website user suspects that this kind of content is against copyrights or any other rights or finds it upsetting in any way, we ask them to contact our customer service. 


The owner of the products is Jack Zaarn until the whole amount of a purchase has been made. 


Authorities are informed about all frauds and Jack Zaarn has a right to cancel a transaction if there are any suspicions.


The Finnish law is applied to these terms and conditions and the use of www.jack-zaarn.com  website. Any disputes caused by these terms and conditions or using the website are settled within the scope of Finland’s courts. However, Jack Zaarn has a right to sue a website user in the local court of the user. 


Jack Zaarn has a right to close a user account or deny access to www.jack-zaarn.com website at any point. If Jack Zaarn suspects that a user has broken these terms and condition, their account can be closed, or their access denied to the website without the user being notified.


Jack Zaarn may amend these terms and conditions occasionally. The general terms and conditions which are in effect at the time of an order will be applied to each order made by a website user and they apply to the contract between the user and Jack Zaarn. Therefore, the user is obliged to check the terms and condition which apply to them periodically. 

Last updated: 2020-30-4